Carolina Panthers Cookies


I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of a bandwagon Carolina Panthers fan. You see, I grew up in San Diego and have been an avid Charger fan my entire life. It's been a little hard for me to give up my allegiance. But now after being in Charlotte for three years, after some pretty outstanding Panthers seasons, it's kind of hard NOT to be a Panthers fan. 

Now that they are going to the Super Bowl...well, make room folks, I am jumping on that bandwagon with both feet! So it only seems natural that I would resort to making some Carolina Panthers cookies for our watch party celebrations, right?


A few weeks ago I had every intention of making two different designs of football cookies, one for each of the Super Bowl bound teams. But once the Panther's made it in (and also because Denver is an AFC rival of San Diego), I put all my effort making blue, black, and silver cookies just for them. 


I had made Super Bowl cookies last year that turned out rather well, so I used the lessons I learned on that project to make these helmet and jersey cookies. To get the logo just right, I traced it on parchment paper with the icing, then let the icing dry overnight. The next day, I flooded the helmets with grey icing, and placed the logo on the wet icing right where I wanted it. 

The jerseys were much easier since there was no logo on these guys. I started by flooding the jersey in either black, white, or blue. I added the contrasting stripes on the sleeves, then let it dry for a few hours (about 4). Once it was dry, I etched the number and the name on the cookie with my scribe tool so I could easily trace over it with the icing. 

See my whole process here:

Also, if you plan on making any football cookies at some point, a word of advice. Make sure you bake your helmets so that they are facing the right way. I made about a dozen helmet cookies. How many could I actually use? FOUR! The other eight were all facing the other direction and I didn't have a logo that faced the other way either. Oh well, you live and you learn. 


These wouldn't only be cute for the Super Bowl, but come college football season, you could make these for your favorite college team, too! Remember, you can bake the cookies ahead of time and freeze them for a couple weeks. Just make sure they are securely sealed in a zip-top bag. 

Hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday (if you even care about the Super Bowl). And GO PANTHERS!!!


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