Rustic Floral Valentine's Day Cookies


It's been a while since I have decorated a cookies. Actually, it's only been about an hour. But at the time of making these rustic Valentine's Day cookies, it had been a while. After the cookie-decorating marathon that is Christmas, I had to take a break. But what better occassion than Valentine's Day to get back into the cookie decorating game. 

I also used the opportunity to teach myself how to create the wood effect. I have seen a bunch of amazing cookies on Pinterest and I knew it would be a fun thing to try for Valentine's Day! The best part was that it was a lot easier than I expected. 

But since a cookie that looks like tree bark isn't very romantic, I added some flowers. And to put it over the top, I carved my husband's and my initials into it! So cute, right?

Wanna see how I did it?!

I loved the mixture of the wood and the flowers. I actually loved the carved initials cookie so much that I still have it! I put it in bag and it's sitting on my desk. 

I also loved these cookie so much, I taught this technique in my last cookie decorating class. I think people really liked them, especially the flowers! It's amazing what a difference piping tips can make.


If you want to make these at home, here are some things you will need:

  • 1 stiff bristled brush
  • toothpick or scribe tool
  • piping tips #18, #20, #224
  • 2 colors of brown piping consistency icing (you don't want it to thick, or else you won't be able to spread it very well, but also not to thin that it won't hold texture)
  • 2-3 colors of pink stiff consistency icing 
  • 1-2 colors of green stiff consistency icing

If you try these cookies, I would love to see what you create! 

As always, I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe (although these would be great with my chocolate sugar cookie, too!) and royal icing recipe