Eyelet Lace Easter Egg Cookies


Quick post today, guys! But it's a good one, I promise because it has a video! Aren't those so much better than the ones where I just drone on and one? Probably.

I made these cookies after my cookie decorating class this past weekend. Since this was an intermediate class, one of the techniques that I taught was this eyelet lace effect. I love it uses some pretty basic piping techniques, but it looks much more complicated. 

Just see for yourself!

Unfortunately I didn't catch the part where I added the flowers. But I have shown you guys that effect in another video, so hopefully you can put the two together!


If you want to make some bunnies to go with your eggs, they are super easy! Just outline and fill the cookies. Once they are crusted over (about 20 minutes) add three small dots scattered around the cookie. Then go in and add some flowers! Easy peasy lemon squeasy! (Ok, I know yall are rolling your eyes at me, but I literally taught these same cookies to a bunch of people who little to know cookie decorating experiences, and their cookies turned out awesome! It's amazing what a couple piping tips can do!)

Here are some of the things I used to make these cookies:

  • toothpick or scribe tool
  • piping tips #1, #16, #18, #24, #224, #349
  • flood consistency icing in white and the colors of your choice
  • piping consistency icing in white
  • stiff consistency icing in various colors for flowers and leaves

If you try these cookies, I would love to see what you create! 

As always, I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe, with a little lemon zest added, and royal icing recipe


Have a hoppy Easter!