Floral Monogram Mother's Day Cookies


If you know me, then you know that I can't let a holiday, no matter how big or small, pass without making some cookies (all my friends are probably nodding their head in agreement right about now). I definitely take advantage of all my friends' sweet tooths (Sweet teeth? What is the plural of sweet tooth?) by making cookies and forcing them upon them every chance I get. 

These cookies are no exception. After making these cookies for a friends bridal shower, I couldn't wait to try this floral monogram design again. I knew it would be perfect for Mother's Day. And even better, I know lots of deserving mom's out there who definitely a couple cookies to help them celebrate. 


For my mom, I made individual letters that spelled out mom and covered them in flowers. But for my friends who are not my mom I made them each individual initial cookies. 

How cute are they? And not just good for Mother's Day, but they would be great cookies for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, wedding....you name it! I am obsessed. 

[Friends, expect to get cookies like these for every birthday from now until the end of time. Thanks.]

The best part is that these cookies are actually quite easy if you have the right piping tips! Just layer on flowers until you have a full letter. 

I like to start with my bigger flowers, like rosettes. I place the rosettes randomly around the cookie leaving space for other flowers. 

Then I go in with my smaller flowers, like drop flowers, and fill in some more space. 


There is obviously some space left, so I go back in and fill them in with some more dots of icing and then fill it in with the leaves. 

Really, there is no technique...just fill up the space!


To go with the monograms, I made some simple little hearts and circle cookies with a single flower and a couple leaves. (Oh, and see those mint "Happy Mother's Day" plaque cookies? I will show you how I made those on Friday!!)


I am clearly obsessed with these cookies, as you can tell. I think I just like doing the floral designs because they are really impressive without actually being that hard to achieve. 

But that's just a secret between you and me. If my mom asks, I slaved over these cookies for days just for her. K, thanks! ;)

Recipes Used:

  • 2 batches of my Royal Icing for 40 cookies in flood consistency (the base layer) and stiff consistency (the flowers).
  • 2 1/2 batched of my Sugar Cookie recipe 

Items Used:

  • White Rose - #18 piping tip
  • Light Pink Rose - #16 piping tip
  • Redish Pink Drop Flower/Rose - #225 piping tip
  • Medium Pink Drop flower - #14 piping tip
  • Leaves - #349 piping tip
  • Dots - #2 piping tip
  • Piping Bags
  • Scribe Tool
  • Gel Food Coloring in light pink, watermelon, and forest green