Gerber Daisy Cookie Flower Bouquet


I've been sitting on these cookies for a while. Not literally of course. I made these well before Mother's Day and fully intended on sharing them before hand, but then these happened and they became my first priority. And flower cookies are good for any occasion! Especially this cute Gerber daisy flower cookie bouquet. 

These Gerber daisy flowers are actually really easy to make with a petal piping tip. The piping tip just does all the work for you. Make sure you have the wide end of the tip out.

To make the petals, press firmly on the piping bag and pipe the icing out on the edge of the cookie then drag in towards the center. Do that all the way around the cookie. Then pipe another layer of petals the exact same way.


For the center, pipe a circle of dots in stiff consistency icing. You want them to form small peaks. First pipe dots in one color, then pipe more dots around the center in another color.  

My favorite part is putting all the cookies together into a fun flower bouquet! I have to admit, it actually wasn't easy. It took me about a dozen attempts to get the cookies in the place I wanted them. In the video I'm actually playing it in reverse order, taking cookies away instead of putting them in place. 


I just love this cookie flower bouquet so much! I can see myself making this again for a baby shower for a little girl. Or a bridal shower. Or maybe for next Mother's Day! Any occasion you may want to give someone a bouquet of flowers, instead give them a bouquet of flower cookies!! Which I think is even better because you can eat the cookies! 


Piping Tips Used:

  • Petals - #104 tip or any large petal tip
  • Center - #2 tip or any small round tip
  • Stems - #10 tip or any medium round tip
  • Filler flowers - #224 tip

Recipes Used: