Red White and Blue Fringe Cookies


These cookies are a little bit different than what I normally make. For starters, there are no royal icing flowers anywhere! Actually, there was little to no piping done on these cookies at all (who am I?). What makes these cookies so different is the fondant! Those fringes you see are actually made with colored strips of fondant that have been expertly and delicately haphazardly cut into a fringe. 


I forget how much I like working with fondant! It's a lot like working with that molding clay or play-doh as a kid. If you mess up, you can just roll it back into a ball and start over again!

I do have a couple tips for working with fondant, however. 

  1. Keep unused fondant wrapped in plastic wrap and in a zip top bag. It will dry out quickly. As you will see in the video below, I also kept the balls of fondant that were waiting to be rolled out under a damp cloth.
  2. Buy white fondant and color it whatever color you want. Sure they sell lots of colors of fondant, but sometimes you want a particular shade of blue or pink. Which leads me to...
  3. When coloring fondant, it's best to use food-safe gloves. Something I clearly didn't take to heart as evidenced by the food coloring stains on my hands. 

See how easy fondant is? When I just don't feel like making royal icing or piping tons of cookies, I turn to fondant. I didn't even pipe the bottom layer of white royal icing you see on the cookie. Nope! I dipped the cookie into the icing. All of those cookies you see in the pictures above were dipped. Yeah, I was feeling extra lazy that day! But they still turned out really cute!