Peanut Butter and Jelly S'mores


You all know I love peanut butter and jelly. So I wouldn't be fooling anyone if I told you I just happened to come up with the pb&j s'mores on a whim. You guys know better. I knew exactly what I was going to do with my homemade graham crackers and marshmallows before I made them. 

It's really the only reason I made peanut butter marshmallows


Actually, what inspired these s'mores were these raspberry filled Ghirardelli chocolate squares. They have a little Instagram contest going on to see who can use their chocolate squares in a s'more in the best/most unique way. I have seen a lot of other bloggers use their caramel filled squares, so I wanted to do something different. I spotted the raspberry squares at the store and I knew exactly what would go perfectly with them! Peanut butter!

But to be clear, this is in no way sponsored by Ghirardelli. This is just me throwing my s'mores into the proverbial hat (a.k.a the Instagram contest). 

Also to be clear, you absolutely do not have to use these Ghirardelli raspberry chocolate squares to have a kick-a pb&j s'mores.


You also do not need homemade graham crackers or peanut butter marshmallows. But they do help!

Start by slathering on a generous layer of peanut butter onto one graham cracker. Then roast up your marshmallow (preferably your homemade marshmallow) the best way you know how. If you have an open fire available, have at it! I, personally, like to use my handy dandy kitchen torch

Once the marshmallow is toasty on all sides, place it on top of your peanut butter.


Top the marshmallow with your chocolate, then spread some raspberry jam (or jam of choice) on your other graham cracker. 


It's like the best thing ever. How could it not be? Combining two childhood favorites the s'mores and the pb&j. 

I made the mistake of making these before dinner so I could take pictures. Then I promptly ate both of them (or most of both of them) completely ruining my dinner. 


Worth. It.


Peanut Butter And Jelly S'mores

Prep Time:5 Min Cook Time:5 Min Total Time:10 Min

Yields 8


  • 16 [graham crackers

  • 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter

  • 1/4 cup raspberry jelly

  • 8 large marshmallows (try [homemade peanut butter marshmallows

  • 8 squares of dark chocolate


  • Spread 1-2 tsp of peanut butter on to one of the graham crackers. Spread an equal amount of jelly onto the other.

  • Place the marshmallows on a foil lined baking sheet. Use a kitchen torch or broiler to toast the marshmallows. Set the marshmallow on top of the peanut butter covered cracker.

  • Top with a chocolate square and the second graham cracker.