How to Make Marbled Cookies


Okay, guys, this has been a much requested and long awaited tutorial! I promised to show you how to make marbled cookies back when I made one of my first videos ever, the Laduree Macarons. But today is the day. Consider it my Valentine's Day gift to you!

Marbling cookies is one of my absolute favorite decorating techniques because it's just so gosh darn easy. Literally, anyone can do it. I know I say that a lot (because I believe anyone can really do anything) but I really mean it this time. 

There is absolutely no method, no skill, no nothing involved. If you can squeeze, stir, and dip you can make these marbled cookies

How to Make Them

You heard me. Squeeze, stir, and dip? Got it? 

Lesson over. 

Just kidding!! I figured a video of me making marbled cookies would probably help!

One thing I will mention because I didn't make it clear in the video is that the white, grey, and black icings are all flood consistency icing. You want the icing to be very fluid so that it settles into a flat surface on top of the cookie. 


Another reason to love these cookies is that you don't really need anything special to make them, as you can see in the video. Everything you will need I bet you already have at home.

If you did want to get all fancy and paint some gold on top, this is my favorite gold paint


Alright, raise your hand if you think you can make these cookies. Everyone's hand should be up!

But I highly encourage you to have fun with this technique and play with the colors and the amount of color. As I mentioned in the video, you can do lots of different things with this and just make it your own!

As usual, I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe