Geode Skull and Bones Cookies

Geode Skull and Bones Cookies-1.jpg

I know I saw this about most of my cookies, but these may be my favorite!

The geode and agate trend has been going on for a while now, mostly in cake, but I have seen it pop up more and more in cookies!

Without wanting to totally copy every rock candy geode cookie I have seen on Instagram, I waited until the perfect opportunity (or inspiration, rather) presented itself!

Sure enough, I found some photos of actual geodes carved into skulls and though, “there it is!” Geode skull and bones cookies! The perfect way to incorporate geodes into a cookie!

What you Need

Geode Skull and Bones Cookies-5.jpg

For these cookies you will need sugar cookies cut into skull and bone shapes. I used a cookie cutter for the skull but cut the bones by hand. All bones look different, so they don’t have to be perfect.

You will also need royal icing in piping and flood consistency. I use piping consistency to outline the cookies and flood to fill the cookies. If you don’t want to make both, just use flood consistency to outline and fill.

For the rest of the decorating, you will need:

  • Rock Candy (I found mine at a local candy store)

  • Clear alcohol (such as Everclear or vodka)

How to Make Them

Geode Skull and Bones Cookies-3.jpg

To create the “holes” for the eye sockets and nose, start by painting black icing onto the surface of the cookie. If you so choose, you can add a little extra glitter to the black while the icing is still wet.

Once the icing is dry, which only takes a few minuets, you can outline the skull with the white icing and fill it in.

While the white icing is still wet, add the rock candy in a cluster somewhere on the skull. Start with the bigger pieces in the middle and add smaller pieces around the outside. Then let the icing dry.

Paint some gold paint around the edge of your rock candy formation, then use the gel food coloring and vodka to paint the candy in various gem colors.

If you so choose, you can add some extra dimension and character by painting cracks and shadows around the face.

So fun, right? I just love these cookies and love how the rock candy transforms into gem stones popping out of a geode.

It’s just a different, more elegant, take on a Halloween cookie!