Haunted House Cookies

Haunted House Cookie Cake-13.jpg

I originally made these Haunted House cookies with a completely different project in mind. But I loved them so much, I had to share with you how they were made.

While they were a bit of a labor of love, they were so much fun! They would be a great center piece to any Halloween spread.

And sure, you may be thinking, “why didn’t you build a whole 3-D Haunted House?” I’ll tell you why! Because they are a pain in the butt! I rarely have success constructing a 3-D cookie house (like a gingerbread house), which is why I love to make single cookies and then do something extra special with them!

What You Need

To make these cookies, you will need some cookie dough to cut out the cookies. I used my favorite chocolate sugar cookie recipe because I wanted the cookies to be darker. But you could use a plain sugar cookie recipe, as well.

Cutting them into the haunted house shape will require a bit of McGuivering. I printed out outlines of houses from the Internet, then used that as a template to cut out the house and to mark the windows and doors.

You could also use a cookie cutter, which they do make in Haunted House shape. I just wanted my houses to be a bit bigger than that.

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, you will need the following to complete the decorating:

How to Make Them

These cookies would be so cute on their own, but I have something special in mind for them which I will share later this week!