Rustic Christmas Wreath Cookies

Christmas Wreath Cookies-1.jpg

These may be my favorite Christmas cookies of all time. But I have to say that my favorite thing about them is that they don’t have to be for Christmas.

Sure, the red, green, and white make them pretty Christmasy. But change up the colors, and you can have some beautiful cookies year round! Pastels in the Spring, brights in the Summer, jewel tones in the Fall.

What You Need

Since these are Christmas cookies, gingerbread is the obvious choice for the cookie flavor. But there are lots of other options:

All you need is any type of sugar cookie cut into a circle, with another circle cut out of the middle. I used these biscuit cutters to get the various sizes of wreaths.

Of course you will also need royal icing in various shades and consistencies.

For the base of the cookie, I just dipped it in plain flood consistency royal icing to make things quick and easy.

For the flowers, I used the following colors from my Americolor nifty 50 set:

  • Forrest green for dark leaves and branches

  • Leaf green for light leaves

  • Red + maroon for red flowers

  • Red for red berries

Christmas Wreath Cookies-5.jpg

As for the supplies, I used various piping tips to create the leaves and flowers. Some came in my piping tip set and others were purchased separately. But the same effect can be made with any of the piping tips from this set.

  • Large leaf: #352

  • Small leaf: #65

  • Red rose: #24 (or any closed star tip)

  • White rose and drop flowers: #13 (or any open star tip)

  • Pine branches: #1 or #2

  • Red berries: #1 or #2

How to Make Them

What do you think? Don’t you just want to hang these cookies up in your house or on your tree.

Well, that is probably what I will do with them because they are just to pretty to eat (although, I highly encourage you to eat yours!).