Beaded Christmas Tree Cookies

Beaded Christmas Tree Cookies-1.jpg

I have seen a version of these cookies of the past couple of Christmas’s and have been dying to make my own!

What I love about these beaded Christmas tree cookies is that the look so fancy (my husband actually said “these are fancy AF”) but they are so easy to make.

To make things even easier, I topped the cookie with a layer of fondant which I embossed with a stamp. Then I added the beads, or sprinkles, on top.

That’s it!

I promise, they look fancy, but they are anything but!

What You Need

To make these cookies, you need a couple of things you may not already have on hand.

But first, let’s start with the cookies.

These particular cookies are my classic sugar cookies. But the holidays are just the time to mix things up a bit! Here are a few other cookie recipes you may want to try.

For decorating these cookies you will also need:

How to Make Them

I did a similar technique (minus the sprinkles) for some really beautiful Easter cookies. I highly recommend this post if you want to learn more about embossing fondant.