How to Package Christmas Cookies

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There are so many fun ways to package your Christmas cookies if you plan to give them out as gifts. Nowadays, all the craft stores have fun bags, boxes, tins, ornaments, etc. you can use to hand out your beautiful treats.

As someone who has gifted more than her fair share of Christmas cookies over the years, I wanted to round up some of my favorite products that make gifting Christmas cookies even more fun!


Let’s start with the bags, shall we?

I like to individually bag each cookie (or sets of smaller cookies) so that they aren’t damaged and keep for a while. That way your giftee can just open one cookie at a time without having to sacrifice the others.

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My first (of three) favorite bag options are these patterned zip-top bags. They are the perfect size for 1-2 cookies (they come in various sizes) and are adorned with an festive pattern.

Not only are they great for cookies, but they can be used for all types of Christmas treats because the zip-top makes it so convenient.

The next type of bag I like to use (and use all the time when packaging cookies for orders) are these clear cellophane bags. I order them in bulk, but you can find them at lots of craft and baking stores in a reasonable amount.

Because these don’t have a seal on them (I seal mine with a heat sealer, which I don’t expect you to have lying around), you will have to get creative on how you seal these bags up.

You could tie a ribbon around the top if you have the room. Or you can use a cute Washi tape or even a sticker to secure the bag!

My favorite kind of bags to use are these clear cellophane bags that self-seal. They are very inexpensive and don’t require any other special supplies, like stickers or ribbon. Plus, they seal all the way closed keeping your cookies fresher, longer.


Now onto packaging, which is the best part!

There are lots of different ways to package up your cookies, as I have mentioned before. There are individual cookies boxes, large boxes, tins…the list goes on.

You could even package them in to-go coffee cups, mugs, plastic ornaments, or any other creative vessel you can think of. Here are some of my favorites:

Packaging Christmas Cookies-10.jpg

The classic way to package any Christmas treat is in these fun and festive Christmas tins. Every year after the holidays I stock up on all sorts of tins: round tins, square tins, big tins, small tins…you get the idea.

It makes it really handy the following year when I want to hand out special gifts to people and I already have nice packaging.

Plus, they are reusable!

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Another fun box option are these cardboard boxes that are inexpensive and are perfect if you have lots of cookies to hand out.

I also think its fun to add a few fun stickers on top to give them a little more Christmas cheer!

Packaging Christmas Cookies-9.jpg

My final favorite way to package up cookies is in these novelty containers. There are lots of things that can be considered “novelty”, but really I consider it anything that isn’t a traditional box or tin.

For instance, I love these plastic ball ornaments that are just so cute filled with cookies. You can find them in the craft section in a lot of stores (I found these at Michaels) around the holidays.

Other great novelty packaging is:

So what do you think? Have I inspired you to get in the kitchen and whip up some Christmas cookies just to give them away to family and friends?

What is your favorite way to package your Christmas cookies?