Halloween Candy Pail Cookies

Halloween Candy Pail Cookies-2.jpg

Who is ready for Halloween?

Well I certainly am not; however, I couldn’t resist starting to make some fun Halloween treats!

These Halloween candy pail cookies are nothing new; people have been making their own version for years. However, I wanted to put my own spin on them and add a few other shapes and lots of fun sprinkles!

What You Need

Halloween Candy Pail Cookies-5.jpg

You will need:

  • Sugar cookies in various shapes that can be transformed.

    • For the pumpkins I used an Easter egg cookie cutter

    • For the Frankenstein cookies I used a random Sweet Sugarbelle cookie cutter I bought last year. You could use a gravestone, candy corn, cactus, or any other cookie cutter with a flat bottom.

    • For the skull cookies I used a skull cookie cutter. Surprise!

  • Flood consistency royal icing in black, white, orange, and green. I highly recommend tinting your royal icing white so that the black icing doesn’t bleed.

  • A fun sprinkle mix, preferably Halloween themed.

  • Piping bags or zip top bags

  • Scribe tool or toothpick

  • Edible food marker

How to Make Them

Making these cookies was so much fun!

While each one is a bit different, they all look like they could be actual candy pails or bowls stuffed with candy!

For the pumpkin and skull, first outline and fill the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then outline and fill the rest of the area with either orange or white. Then add a handle (to the pumpkin) and let everything dry for a little while.

For the Frankenstein cookie, start by making the face and hair. Then let that dry before adding the eyes, mouth, scar, and eyebrows. To ensure that the eyes stay separate little balls, pipe one eye, then let it crust over before adding the second.

When the surface of the icing has dried for at least an hour, go back in and pipe in some icing to adhere the sprinkles. I like using a fun sprinkle mix to really give off the idea that there is candy in the pails. You can make your own, or buy one already mixed!