Watercolor Fall Leaf Cookies

Watercolor Fall Leaf Cookies-2.jpg

The obsession is real. This watercolor technique is my new favorite, hence why you are seeing it in just about every other cookie post lately.

And while I may be going a bit overboard with it, I think it’s the absolute perfect decorating technique for making Fall leaf cookies.

Watercolor Fall Leaf Cookies-4.jpg

I have tried making multi color Fall leaf cookies with royal icing in the past and they come out looking VERY artificial. This watercolor technique blends the colors together perfectly for a more natural, and, frankly, much prettier cookie.

What You Need

You will need:

How to Make Them

If you are looking for a fun Fall activity to do with kids, this is it! This painting technique is so easy and I think the kids would have so much fun painting their own leaves. Just don’t let them go overboard adding alcohol to the tops of the cookies, otherwise the icing could start to erode.

Otherwise, just have fun with it!