Watercolor Wine Sugar Cookies

Watercolor Wine Cookies-3.jpg

What do you get your wine-loving friend to celebrate their new pregnancy? 

If you are me, you make them wine shaped cookies letting them know that wine misses them, too. 

Actually, these cookies were inspired by a t-shirt I saw out and about and thought it was hilarious. When I found out she was pregnant, I wanted to send her a little care package and that t-shirt immediately came to mind. 

Recipe and Supplies

Watercolor Wine Cookies-1.jpg

To make these cookies you will need sugar cookies shaped like wine bottles, wine glasses, and conversation bubbles

You will also need a batch of royal icing in white and piping bags to pipe icing over the surface. Make sure icing is completely dry before painting. 

To paint these cookies, you will need:

  • Gel food coloring in shades of red, burgundy, maroon, and purple. (I just used burgundy and maroon)
  • Alcohol, such as vodka or Everclear
  • Paint brushes (only used on food)
  • Water to clean brushes
  • Paper towels to dry brushes (brushes need to be free of water when painting)

How to Make Them