Aerial Beach Cookie Set

Aerial Beach Cookie Set

This aerial beach cookie set reminds me of home. It was entirely inspired by a beautiful aerial photograph by Gray Malin of the very beach that I spent countless days at during the Summer in High School.

When I set about trying to translate a still image into a cookie, I will admit that I had doubts that this would turn out as anything more than a blob of blue and tan icing. It could have gone terribly wrong. Thankfully it turned out pretty good, if I say so myself. Not entirely like I had pictured, but that’s okay!

But unlike some of the other time-consuming cookies I’ve made in the recent past, this one was a joy to work on. Something about painting a beach scene is so calming.

When my husband asked me how long I had worked on it, I told him, “it actually didn’t take very long at all”. Then I started editing the video footage and it was over 2 hours! Of just the parts I took video of!

It sure didn’t seem like it!

So my advice for those who may try to recreate these cookies, go in with low expectations and lots of time! But enjoy every second of it!

What You Need

Aerial Beach Cookie Set

Sugar cookies cut and baked into rectangles, squares, or any shape that can fit together nicely.

  • Royal icing:

    • Flood consistency in turquoise and sand-colored

    • Piping consistency in white or uncolored

  • A microplane or grater to square off the sides of the cookie after it’s been baked and to create the sand to sprinkle on the cookies

  • Gel food coloring in navy blue, taupe, warm brown, turquoise, and any other color you may need.

  • Food markers in various colors

  • Paint brushes

  • Ever Clear, Vodka, or other clear alcohol

  • Piping bags

  • Scribe tool

I think it’s also helpful to have a photo or two to work off of. I referenced Gray Malin’s photograph a few times, as well as other photos of beaches and waves to make sure I was capturing it accurately, or as accurately as possible.

How to Make It

There are lots of steps in making this cookie, but ultimately it’s not too dissimilar to painting a beach scene. There is a lot of painting involved and very little piping. So if you are a painter, this cookie set is right up your alley!

What do you think? Are you willing to give it a shot yourself!? I would love to see what you create!