Mexican Embroidery Cookies


I can't lie to you. These are not my favorite cookies. 

I had such high hopes for them! Mexican embroidery is so beautiful and colorful, and I don't feel that these cookies really do the art form justice. 

However, after posting the photo on Instagram, there was actually a pretty positive response to these cookies (maybe ya'll just felt bad form me) and I thought that I should post the video anyways. At the very least, I hope that is will inspire you to create your own Mexican embroidery cookies that are MUCH better than the ones I made. 

How to Make Them

Making these cookies is relatively easy with the right icing and the right technique.

The dark purple bottom layer of icing is flood consistency icing, then all of the decorative additions are piping consistency icing. Piping consistency is just a tad thicker and holds some shape, but isn't super thick. 

To make things even easier, most of the cookies are made using a teardrop shape. Once you perfect the teardrop, then you are in business to make these cookies. Start by piping a dot of icing, then releasing the pressure on the piping bag and dragging the piping tip in one direction to form the point. 

The rest of the elements are either plain lines or dots. So simple, right?

Recipes and Supplies

As usual, I counted on my sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe for these cookies. I think adding some fun flavors into these cookies would make them extra festive, like lime zest or even chili powder. 


For the supplies, I relied on my trusting round piping tips to make sure I got perfect dots and teardrops. I used a combination of #1, #2, and #3 round tips....mainly because I didn't have enough of one or the other for all of my colors. You could use just one size or you could forgo piping tips all together and just cut a small hole in your piping bags. 

I think it's the colors that really make these cookies pop. While normally I pick out the more muted and subtle shades in my food coloring set, for these I opted for the brightest colors I could find. Electric yellow, electric blue, fushia, tulip red, and leaf green round out the cast of bright colors for these Mexican embroidery cookies. 

Now you are equipped with everything you need to show me how these Mexican embroidery cookies should be done!