How to Make Succulent Pumpkin Cookies


After making succulent topped cookies for a recent order, I wanted to demonstrate just how easy they are to add to any cookie. The best part about succulents is that they really don’t go out of season and can be added to just about any cookie all year long.

If you are already familiar with piping flowers using piping tips, than you’re in luck! Piping succulents is really no different!

If you aren’t experienced piping flowers, don’t fret! It’s actually much easier than it looks!

What You Need

Food coloring

One of my favorite things about making these succulent pumpkin cookies was using colors I rarely get a chance to use! While succulents can come in lots of colors, my favorite colors to use are shades of green and brown-tinted pinks.

To make things easy on myself, I only used a few shades to make my succulents. For some piping bags I only spooned in one color, in others I mixed two for a two-tone look.

Below the colors I used, plus a few extra that would also make the perfect colors for succulents.


I used:

  • Leaf green and electric green in one bag

  • Dusty rose

  • Cypress

  • Dusty rose and cypress in one bag

  • Avocado

Other colors that would be beautiful:

  • Moss green

  • Mauve

  • Burgundy

Piping Tips

There are so many piping tip options out there it can be overwhelming to find the ones that you think would make the most realistic looking succulents.

I looked at lots and lots of succulent pictures online and decided on several that would be easy to make with the piping tips I already had at home.

Here are the ones I used, plus a couple extra that would also work well.

  • #2 (or any round tip or tipless bag) for piping any trailing succulents

  • #74 to pipe tall and pointed plants, like aloe

  • #349 leaf tip for piping pointed flower-like succulents

  • #81 for piping rounded-tip flower-like succulents

  • #31 for piping rosettes and bulbs

  • #107 for piping drop flowers

  • #14 for piping rosettes and small star-shapes flowers

Tips I didn’t use but would work in addition to or in place of some of the ones above are:

  • #32 for piping small cactus like plants

  • #224 for a variation on the drop flower

  • #18 for cactus-like plants or rosettes

How to Make Them