Wet-on-Wet Floral Icing Technique

Wet-on-Wet Floral Cookies 1.jpg

I follow a lot of cookiers (or cookie artists) on Instagram and one trend I have been seeing all over the place is this wet-on-wet technique. It is used in lots of ways from just creating simple polka-dots or lines to doing something much more complicated like a floral pattern.

I have been dying to try my hand at creating a wet-on-wet floral icing pattern for a while and I thought Mother’s Day would be the perfect occasion to make these pretty cookies.

While the technique is actually a lot more simple that it may appear, there are a few tips and tricks that I will share with you to make the experience even easier.

What You Need

Wet-on-Wet Floral Cookies.jpg

Start with cookies in any shape and flavor you like. I think a simple shaped cookie is best since the pattern is what will draw the attention.

  • I made hexagon shaped cookies in a variation of my strawberry almond sugar cookie recipe

Next you will need some royal icing in a few different colors and consistencies.

  • Make both piping consistency and 10-second consistency royal icing in your base color. I made mine a pale pink.

  • Make 15-second (or 10-second if you don’t want to have to separate your icing even more) for the accent colors of the flowers and leaves.

Other supplies that will be needed are:

How to Make Them

The best way to learn how to make them is to watch the video below. But there are a couple pieces of advice I will share that will make this technique fool-proof:

  • Create a thick outside border (thicker than what I do in the video) with your piping consistency icing.

  • Leave a small margin of cookie around the edge so that your icing doesn’t spill over.

  • Do not over fill your cookie with icing since you will be adding more on top.

  • Work relatively quickly when creating the pattern. Since you are piping on top of 10-second consistency icing, you probably have a minute before the icing crusts over and then the second layer doesn’t settle in with the first layer.

If you follow this advice, you will surely create some awesome cookies!