How to Create a Custom Sprinkle Mix

Custom Sprinkle Mix-8.jpg

Custom and bespoke sprinkle mixes are all the rage these days. Long gone are the single color jimmies, or even multi-colored sprinkles. These days, the really trendy sprinkle mixes are those that not only mix colors, but also shapes, textures, and sizes of sprinkles.

For the launch of my new website, I wanted to create a fun sprinkle mix to send out in some good boxes. I worked with Sweets and Treats to create this beautiful sprinkle mix and learned some great tips on how to create a gorgeous sprinkle mix on your own!

How to Make It

Custom Sprinkle Mix-1.jpg

First: determine your colors. 

Obviously, color is going to be the be the first thing people notice about your sprinkles. But even if you want one color of sprinkle, you can mix various shades. Like light blue and dark blue. 

Alternately, you can mix very similar color shades or even contrasting color shades. 

But when you build your sprinkle mix, keep it to no more than 5 colors. 

Custom Sprinkle Mix-2.jpg

You can see in my mix I have white, yellow, orange, and gold. Those four colors are all similar and blend together to create a honey-looking sprinkle mix. If I had added too many more colors, it would have just looked like a mess. 

Second: Mix up your textures!

Custom Sprinkle Mix-3.jpg

My favorite part about a custom sprinkle mix is the various textures. I think the base of most sprinkles are going to be the jimmies, which are the long, skinny sprinkles in the left corner. 

To your jimmies, add in some larger and smaller sprinkles. You can add small little round sprinkles called nonpareils (I have those in orange and yellow), pearlsfine or coarse sanding sugar, or even some quins which are flat discs. 

I find that it's best to mix up the textures within each color. As you can see, I have almost every texture in the orange, two textures of yellow, and two textures of gold. This provides a lot of dimension when the sprinkle mix is added to your homemade treat. 

Third: Mix up your proportions.

Figure out what you want your dominant color to be and add the most sprinkles in that color. My dominant color is yellow so I added almost all the yellow jimmies and nonpareils. 

Custom Sprinkle Mix-4.jpg

Then add in smaller amounts of your supporting colors. In my case that's orange and gold.

You could definitely have more than one dominant color. For instance, if you are making a 4th of July mix you may want an even proportion of red, white, and blue. But to add some more interest, you can add smaller amounts of gold or silver. 

Don't forget to add something unexpected!

Some of my favorite sprinkle mixes always add an unexpected element. Maybe that's a little bit of edible glitter or a uniquely shaped candy. For Halloween, I have seen lots of sprinkle mixes that add in quins shaped like skulls or pumpkins. 

Custom Sprinkle Mix-6.jpg

I wanted to add something a bit unexpected to my sprinkle mix as well! I added these super cute Bee Dec Ons from Lucks! They are basically like a sugar cube but formed into a cute shape. Dec Ons are much bigger than normal sprinkles, so they won't work in all sprinkle mixes, but for my honey-themed sprinkles, they seemed perfect!

Custom Sprinkle Mix-9.jpg

What I love about this sprinkle mix is that it not only served the purpose for my honey-themed goodie boxes, but they are also the perfect colors for Fall! 

Of course, if you don't want to create your own sprinkle mix, Sweets and Treats has lots of cool sprinkle mixes already available! Or they can create something for you, in-house!

Disclaimer: Sprinkles were provided courtesy of Sweets and Treats. Bumble Bee Dec-Ons were provided courtesy of Lucks. However, all opinions are my own.